What is the Electronic Commerce Information System? What will it do?

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, the Ministry of electronic commerce in Turkey (e-commerce) relating to developing effective policies, in order to inform all stakeholders in the sector and to raise awareness about the sector of the public Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBİS), Electronic Commerce Information Platform and confidence He stated that they had put their mark on life.
Minister Pekcan, Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBİS) Digital Promotion Meeting “Electronic Commerce Information Platform” about giving information, has announced its e-commerce data compiled for the first time in Turkey.

Ministry of Commerce regarding the e-commerce sector, which is extremely strategic areas for Turkey’s economy Pekcan that they want to share the two studies, the first of them “ETBİS” and the other is enterprising and developed the guidance to consumers “e-Trade Information Platform”, he said.

Expressing that e-commerce applications provide great opportunities for SMEs, producers’ associations, tradesmen operating in certain business lines and relatively inexperienced companies in the field of foreign trade, it provides great opportunities for small companies, entrepreneurs, producers He expressed that he had the opportunity to promote and market his products to the world.

New type of mobility of people and products coronaviruses Pointing out that the importance and value of e-commerce emerged even more in the course of the epidemic (Kovid-19), Pekcan emphasized that e-commerce will continue to increase in the future.

“Citizens will be able to question the reliability of the sites from ETBIS”

Pointing out that e-commerce has made significant progress in recent years, Pekcan pointed out that it is still a relatively new field in the global economy and said:

“In order to develop policies for companies to use e-commerce efficiently, concrete and scientific data are needed in this sector. Therefore, ETBİS, in order to be very proactive as the Ministry of Commerce, to develop effective e-commerce-related policies in our country, to inform all stakeholders in the sector and to raise public awareness about the sector. We have launched the Electronic Commerce Information Platform and the stamp of trust.You can access many information and resources on ETBİS and the Electronic Commerce Information Platform at ‘eticaret.gov.tr’ This place is open to all our companies and citizens free of charge. ”

Pekcan stated that one of the features on this site is “Registered Site Inquiry” option, “This is a field where our consumers can make inquiries about the e-commerce site where they are about to shop. Is our e-commerce site a member of ETBİS? Is there any one click, they will be able to access the promotion and advertisements and communication channels related to the e-commerce site through ETBİS Beyond these, there is an e-commerce Academy on our platform, which is designed as an e-commerce information source. -We provide trade and e-export training.Here, 74 training documents and 33 training videos containing many topics from e-commerce site setup to e-export were made available to our citizens at the e-Commerce Academy. ”

“E-commerce consultant feature will offer tailor-made solutions”

Minister Pekcan also stated that with the “e-Commerce Consultant” feature on the site, they made the use of the site quite easy and personal, and also on the platform, news and said the reports are also included.

Emphasizing that sectoral events are also shared here, Pekcan noted that surveys can be organized, and that in the “Forum” section, businesses and consumers are brought together to exchange ideas.

Intense interest in the campaign “We are with SMEs as e-Commerce”

Ministers Pekcan, as the Ministry of Commerce with the participation of e-commerce sector representatives in the last month Turkey, “We stand by the e-Commerce As SMEs” recalling that they launched the campaign, “Campaign has received much attention by our SMEs. Our campaign so far 135 thousand have benefited from the SME. From these Firms that traded 3 thousand for the first time through e-commerce. Thanks to this campaign, 7 thousand people were provided with employment, and our SMEs gained 1.2 billion lire of trade volume. ” used expressions.

In addition, the market reminiscent explains the support mechanisms for digital operations in the input Pekcan, he said they promote it as well as a safer e-commerce infrastructure for Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union they walked with the cooperation of e-commerce secure stamp applications, the second leg of the public.

Pekcan stated that they will continue to support and support companies in the e-commerce sector and all areas of the digital economy, “As a country, we will continue our projects by working intensively with our private sector to make the best use of our potential in e-commerce.” said.

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