What is Technology? What are the benefits and harms?

The Benefits of Technology

It is impossible to break with the technology that captures every area of ​​our lives. We continue to use its “benefits” unlimitedly, without worrying about its harm

In recent centuries, pages are insufficient to explain what technology has brought people and what benefits it has. Even the benefits of television and computer alone are enough to summarize the contribution of technology to our life. We can tell people directly and indirectly about tens of thousands of benefits. Some of them are;

Thanks to technology, information exchange has become easier. We are instantly aware of an event taking place at the other end of the world.
It makes life easy and practical. You can shop online at your home, instantly watch an event miles away, you can go up to the 10th floor of the apartment in 2 minutes.
Numerous medical applications such as DNA analyzes, assays, and surgeries can take place thanks to technology.
The remedy for many deadly diseases has been found thanks to technology.
One of the biggest contributions of technology is the transportation sector.  You can get the distance you can go in a day in a few hours with the car produced using technology.
It led to the development of national economies, especially the global economy, and the rise of the industry and entertainment sector.
Small home appliances, elevators, white goods and many more technological devices that we use in daily life provide time-saving and efficient services.
Technology has an impact on education in every respect. For example; students come to the school with technological tools from distant regions, books are printed thanks to technology.
Technologies used in the printing and publishing industry enable thousands of prints in a very short time. For example; Thousands of books can be printed within 1 hour in a print shop.
The media industry delivers news through technology. Cameras, cameras, sound recorders, satellite systems are technological products.
Technology is used to catch criminals . Security cameras, alarms, tracking systems, radios used for this purpose are technological products.
The entertainment, music and advertising industry is completely technology dependent. Technology is needed for album preparation, theater exhibitions, commercials and clips, concert and filming and broadcasting.
In industry and industry, production, assembly, maintenance and repair can be done in a short time thanks to technology.
State-of-the-art cars, high-speed trains, aircraft that exceed the speed of sound, driverless vehicles, light aircraft, yachts and many more can be offered to humanity thanks to technology.
The Harms of Technology

Technology’s losses, perhaps more than its benefits. There is a relative situation in this regard. In other words, problems caused by technology can be solved with technology. Let us talk about the harms, leaving the legendary to you:
Countries fight by relying on their technology. Atomic bombs, mass destruction weapons, missiles, nuclear and biological weapons and fighter planes are produced with technology.
Technology lazes people , accustoms them to ready and immobile life.
Technology that increases consumption has brought underground and aboveground resources to the point of exhaustion. Now we spend thousands of lira on all kinds of technological products.
The devices, which were seen as luxury for a period, were taken as a need.
Technology-related factors are at the top of environmental problems such as global warming. For example; Even the waste of the factory, which uses technology, is thrown into the environment using technology.
Processes such as nuclear technology lead to permanent environmental disasters.
Some applications of technology have caused ethical, moral and cultural problems in society. It negatively affected some values and destroyed some.
The information shared on the internet started to be used against people.
Machines replaced manpower. Employment problems began to emerge. Machine efficiency has started to be compared with human efficiency.
Some branches of technology have succumbed to technology, others are resisting technology.
The negative effects of technology on human health triggered various diseases, leading to the emergence of some diseases. Nowadays, clinics are opened for “technology addiction”.
Technology means electricity. All kinds of technological devices use electricity. For this reason, electromagnetic waves emitted by technological devices have negative effects on the electromagnetic field of the body, especially brain neurons.
Technological devices everywhere increased the risk of exposure to radiation and electromagnetic waves.
It virtualizes people, prevents them from socializing and reduces face-to-face communication.
Technology computer games negatively affected the lives of children and young people. A new generation of health problems began to emerge. Diseases such as technology-related depression, stress, and insomnia increased.
Definition and Importance of Technology
Technology; It includes the techniques, processes, skills and methods used in the production of various goods or services and in achieving the objectives for them . Their compilation or scientific research is commonly called “technology”. Technical materials such as all kinds of technical processes, information, machines, computers and devices are connected with technology. I.

all kinds of technical procedures to facilitate the lives of his people’s use of science in general “technology” as described .

Technology, which started with the use of natural resources, was born out of the needs of people in general. Every need has led to the development of a different technology. The invention of the wheel is a technological revolution. The invention of the printing house and telephone has changed the fate of societies. Finally, with the discovery of the internet, there was a communication revolution. Inter-communal interaction and communication resources evolved into the Internet. Advances in nuclear and military technologies have led countries to invent new technologies. Nowadays, we are talking about artificial intelligence, nano-technologies and particle technologies.

Let’s give a few examples of the importance of technology. For example; How did we live without the mobile phones that appeared in the second half of the 1990s? The Internet also entered our lives in the same period and broke ground in every field. Those who live the days without the Internet will realize the importance of the internet better. Let’s go back. Edison’s invention of electricity is a technological turning point. When we are without electricity, we understand its importance better. Do not use the technological devices you use in daily life for a few days; you will realize the importance of technology. Above all, the level of development, social structure and military spending of countries are determined according to technological developments.

Technology Notes
The word “technology” is derived from the Greek words “techno” and “logia” ie “craft, art” and “knowledge, science”
The branch of philosophy that deals with the social effects and nature of technology is called “technology philosophy”. Technology philosophy, one of the oldest disciplines, originated in Ancient Greece. Many famous philosophers in history have criticized and questioned technology.
The first hard drive (hard disk) was produced in 1980. Referred to as the “state of the art”, the disc weighed approximately 250 kilograms and was worth $ 40,000.
The number of people using the Internet in Turkey has reached 67 percent of the population by the year 2017. This rate was around 61 percent in 2016.
More than half of the world population uses at least 1 mobile phone.
Only 10 percent of all money traffic in the world is made in cash; the other part is purely technology digital or virtual currencies.
Scientists have found ways to overcome the problem of breathing under water by filling oxygen into micro-particles using technology.
The developments in military technologies in America are dizzying. Experiments are being carried out to find the honeybees bombs.
To emphasize the importance of technology, let’s share a line from Yilmaz Erdogan’s famous movie “Vizontele”: “Newspapers arrive here two days later. When we are surprised at a weather we hear, people in the metropolitan area have already forgotten. ”

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